Garry Oak Project – October 5

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After another satisfying day of work, the school’s Garry Oak meadow will continue grow and thrive!

Thanks a million to everyone who came out and worked hard to save the trees!
And to everyone who didn’t come out SHAME!!!

Welcome Back!

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We are exited to kick of this year with a rockin’ new Green Team video!
Check out the “Rap Master Hudson” laying down some sick beats in Do The Math!

Enjoy Yo!

Garry Oak Project – April 13

Griffin Yundt Projects

Another successful project down! A huge thank you to everyone who showed up, despite the sun, rain, and hail!
Thanks to our efforts we will soon be planting some native species to the area.

Hard Plastic

Griffin Yundt Infrastructure

Hard Plastic – noun


1. Rigid plastic packaging from consumer goods (e.g. electronics, tools), food (e.g. salads, baked goods), empty CD/DVD/VHS protective cases


2. Rigid plastic containers, including cupcake/salad containers, plastic cutlery and margarine containers, shampoo/liquid soap bottles, cleaning product containers, pill/vitamin bottles.


Remember to clean off any food scraps from everything you recycle!


Griffin Yundt Infrastructure

Do you have a troubling banana peel on your person? Or maybe an apple core you could really live without?
Well you are in luck my friend, for the Green Team is now introducing composting! Look towards your local bin for all your composting needs.

Battery Recycling

Griffin Yundt Infrastructure

New to our school is an easy to use battery recycling service furnished by “Call 2 Recycle”.
This service allows the student body to recycle different types of batteries such as AA,AAA,C,D and 9 volt.
We also accept computer, and cellphone batteries. Role in the alkalines!

Garry Oak Project – October 15

Griffin Yundt Projects

Another Successful Garry Oak Project comes to a close, what a great day!
We had an amazing turn-out, and made quite a significant dent in the blackberry bushes currently smothering the Garry Oak meadow.
Thank you so much to everyone who could make it out, we had a blast and we accomplished a lot.